Customer Success Stories

Tom Lafontaine
Direct | 978-601-5843
Office | 978-372-9171

nan / 5.0

“Moving is not a pleasant experience, however, Tome did an outstanding job keeping us on track, and providing all the necessary information throughout the entire process.”

Jamie S.

“Tom went beyond our expectations. He had to deal with the Lawrence gas disaster where the home was located”

Margaret S.

“Tom was ready and available at all times! Very courteous. A Gentleman.”

Jeanne T.

“Loved working with Tom thru a difficult sale. He put up with a lot of pestering from me and was always great to deal with.”

Kitty G.

“Tom is great I will certainly use him in the future”

Karen B.

I have worked with Tom before. He found my last tenant. There is a reason I chose him again, he is insanely good at his job. I don’t see him as a just a Realtor who helped me, I see him as a friend that is great to work with. Once my property is ready to sell I will only work with him.”

Luis A.

“Tom is extremely knowledgeable relative to home construction, which is a huge plus and assetto any Buyer. He was always available 7 days and nights which was importantas my primary home is in N.Y. His personality is A+”

Marvin N.